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2020 Spring Murazome Natural Dye Sashiko Thread

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In 2018, "One of a Kind" Indigo Dye Sashiko thread made by an accident became the most popular Sashiko thread in our store. We had only a few skeins in stock, and many shared their disappointment in not being get them.

In 2019, we successfully created the similar color of both "Uneven (gradient)" and "Variegated" color for Blue and Green from Indigo. It is our pleasure to announce the new batch in 2020, for the Murazome Natural Dye Sashiko Thread.

...Well. Since all of the thread are "One of a kind", I probably did not need to separate the product from the 2019 Collection. However. I just wanted to update what is the color shade looks like in 2020. Again, every skein has different shade and color-scatter. Please be advised that the photos are only the benchmark. We cannot guarantee that you will get the exactly same skein as the photo shows, but I can guarantee that you will get the best "one of a kind". If you have any preference (for example, Darker Green in M3_Uneven Green), please write it down when you check out. I will do my best to match the color from our inventory.

2020 Indigo Murazome Collection

M0-(20S) - Variegated (Strong change in color) Blue - Darker in Shade (Dark Indigo at the darkest point)
M0L-(20S) - Variegated (strong change in color) Blue - Lighter in Shade (Light Indigo at the darkest point) - Sold Out. Thank you.
M1-(20S) - Variegated (strong change in color) Green - Sold Out. Thank you.

M1-(20S) 20-05 - Variegated (strong change in color) Green - Please check the photo. The light Green part has a bit of yellow-ish green

M1E-(20S) 20-03 - Variegated (strong change in color) Green - Please check the photo. The variegation of Green is less strong in comparison to M1-(20) 20-05

M2-(20S) - Uneven (gradient as uneven) Blue - Sold Out. Thank you. The more "uneven version" is expected to be restocked.

M2D-(20JE) - Uneven (Gradient as Uneven) Blue - Expected to be re-stocked in July. Some are available for samples. It is darker in comparison to M2-(20S), and evenness is closer to the solid rather than the variegated.

M3-(20S) - Uneven (gradient as uneven) Green - The evenness is a bit closer to the variegated in comparison to the photo. They are still "Uneven" rather than the variegated.

*All of the colors have very small stock as of May 21st.

*We have very limited amount of inventory in the U.S. In case of short in inventory, the product may be shipped from Japan without charging you the extra shipping fee. The international shipping will take extra days to deliver. We may ask you to wait for a month to restock the item. When the stock shortage happen, we will let you know as soon as possible. Your understanding is very appreciated that the item is all hand-dyed with Natural ingredient.

*Again (Sorry for repeating so many times), please understand that each skein have slightly different color. The photo is our best effort to put the numbers on. If you have any preferences, please let us know by commenting in a process of checking out. We will do our best to meet your preferences.

*The Murazome Collection 2020 is slightly "less shinny" in its color. I prefer ā€¯matte" in Sashiko thread, but if you prefer a bit of shinny thread, please check the Murazome Collection 2019. Very limited amount and will not be able to produce the shinny thread for 2020. Please visit the 2019 Murazome Collection here.

Product Information

  • Made in Japan
  • Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%, Natural Indigo (Product of India), Solution for Dye Process
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 27~29 g

*This page is for Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread with Uneven & Variegated Color dyed in 2020.

*Specifically Designed for Sashiko purpose.

*Please refer to the article regarding our Natural Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread for more information about the materials and procedure for our Indigo Dye.

*Please read the article of How to handle Natural Dye Thread and Fabric.

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