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Basting Thread Card | The necessary thread for patch-working by hand

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Well, this is a bit of twist here.

As I have been saying, thread does matter in the Sashiko stitching. Therefore, I strongly recommend in using the Sashiko thread for the Sashiko project in which you may spend so much time.

However, from time to time, a Sashiko project includes other stitching than Sashiko itself. In order to make a good Boro pieces, the fabric needs to be stabilized on the fabric before the actual Sashiko stitching. We can use clips, pins, heat-adhesive thread... but the most common way to stabilize the fabric is using the basing thread.

This is supreme cotton basting thread from a long-established thread company, Yokota. It is smooth and strong, yet easy to snap when the basting is no longer necessary. The basting thread to go for me.

Product Information

  • Cotton 100%
  • 100 meter - Card type - ready to use
  • Made in Japan

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