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[Discontinued / Per request] Sashiko Mending Workshop

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Introducing my new workshop: Sashiko Mending Gathering

The Sashiko mending workshop I offered in the past was a big hit!

I received so many positive reviews that I decided to offer it again, but this time, something a bit different. We name it "Sashiko Mending Gathering".

Details of Sashiko Mending Gathering

We gather in a private space located in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood to mend or decoratively patch your favorite clothes, jeans, fabric, whatever! It is a freestyle workshop with a lot of informative presentation and resources from Sashiko artist, Atsushi Futatsuya

This is another rare opportunity to have "EVERYTHING" you ever need to enjoy hand-made Sashiko Mending to your own garment.

Atsushi will provide the necessary informative presentation and his collection of Sashiko fabric, thread, tools, and ideas. Bring your own garment and enjoy the 3 hours of intensive Sashiko Mending.

Time: Sunday November 12th | 10 am to 1 pm

Location: Tribeca in NYC | The specific address will be notified to the participants.


  • $95 for new participants.
  • $68 for those who have taken Atsushi's Basic Sashiko Stitching Workshop. If you plan to take it over the same weekend, you can get this ticket. Please bring the needles and thimble you have received in the previous workshop, or you could purchase them on the site.

3 hours of mending, repairing, stitching, designing and small presentations of Sashiko tips. Some private instruction is also available. Learn the history of Sashiko mending Practice on denim and indigo fabric provided by Atsushi.

*Please bring your own materials to work on, patch on, or mend with.If you prefer working on just stitching, I will have some materials to work on for purchase.

Sashiko Mending Gathering comes with:

  • Approximately $20 value of authentic Sashiko stitched fabric. You will choose the appropriate size of patching (7 inch x 6 inch) in the workshop so you can start mending before preparing the Sashiko fabrics. If you prefer a blank fabric with pattern on, it is possible to get them, too.
  • A small presentation to "how to prepare the Sashiko fabric" with tools and materials included.
    • The other small presentations will be about:
      • transfer the patterns
      • use needles and thimble
      • practice the Sashiko running stitch
      • choose the right sashiko fabric for the mending
  • A set of small swatches of Indigo dye fabric and Japanese denim fabric.
  • An opportunity to choose and use special Sashiko thread from Atsushi’s collection.
  • Boro, Sashiko, and other mended samples are available to inspire you. Some of them are available for purchase, too.
  • Threads, needles, thimbles, and other Sashiko related materials are for sale at a special price.
  • Follow up with you by email on your project if you don’t finish during the class
  • A selection of free Sashiko patterns

*Minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 10 participants.

*Refund Policy: Attendees can receive refunds up to 14 days before your event start date. The ticket is transferable to someone for the purchase date and time, but not transferable to the other date and time after the refunds policy ends.

What you can expect:

Sashiko Mending Gathering is a fun and enjoyable time. It isn't as structured as the other workshop I offer and you will work on your own project after Atsushi's brief presentation. It is like an "Independent Study." However, it will be informative gathering since Atsushi will be available for you to get you informed. (If you have attended Atsushi's workshop, you know that he doesn't stop talking even if you want him to.)

How is this different than the other Workshop Atsushi offers?

The Basic Sashiko Workshop focuses on mastering the use of the thimble and needle in the standard running stitch. You will learn the traditional Japanese way, which is quite different than the Western way of needle and thread sewing.

The previous Sashiko Mending Workshop focused on the whole process of Sashiko mending. It was very fast-paced workshop since I begin the workshop with preparing the Sashiko fabric from scratch.

This Sashiko Mending Gathering is more easy-going, fun-focused gathering, where you can simply enjoy the mending with a lot of hints from Sashiko techniques & tradition. Of course, I will make sure that everyone gets the same satisfaction from the other workshops I offer.

However, unlike the previous Sashiko Mending Workshop, I will NOT spend much time on teaching you how to use thimbles and needles . If you are interested in learning the Sashiko stitching itself, please consider to take Basic Sashiko Stitching Workshop. It is not necessary to have taken the Basic Sashiko Workshop prior to participating in the Sashiko Mending Gathering, but it will make your stitching easier!

Let’s share the passion with new friends.

It is always a good surprise when I meet a group of people who share the same interest.

Repairing your own cloth is a very fun process. You will create beautiful “One-of-a-kind” art piece you’ll want to wear every day.The more I put stitching on my denim jeans, the more I love it to them.

Are you interested in Authentic Sashiko Stitching Technique?

This intensive workshop may be your eye-opening experience to learn what Sashiko stitching is.

Basic (Core) Sashiko Stitching Workshop

  1. Saturday November 11th, 10 am to 1 pm | 3 hours
  2. Saturday November 11th, 3 pm to 6 pm | 3 hours (FULL)*
  3. Sunday November 12th, 2 pm to 5 pm | 3 hours
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