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Indigo Fabric with Traditional Patterns (23)

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Sashiko is getting popular in many forms. One of our wishes is to introduce the fun of stitching on Indigo Fabric with Japanease Traditional Geometric Patterns. It is important to learn how to prepare the patterns on the fabric, but we also understand the troubles of doing so. Some may not know where to begin with. For that, we made some "Pattern preprinted fabric with White Washable Ink" - we have now 5 patterns available for this fabric.

Available Pattern:

  • Asanoha
  • Shippou
  • Amimon
  • Hishi Seikaiha
  • First Project Pattern (Keiko's Pattern - No Name yet)

[Product Information]

  • Material: Indigo Dye Fabric, Cotton 100% - Our favorite fabric for Sashiko
  • Fabric Size: About 28" x 21.5" (70 cm x 55 cm).
  • Printed Area Size: About 26" x 19.5" (65 cm x 50 cm)
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