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Kofu Package | Japanese Vintage Swatches prepared by Sashi.Co

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Would you like to try what we do to make "To be Authentic Boro" projects? This is a sample package of Japanese vintage fabric swatch and Natural Dye Sashiko thread. If you haven't tried to use our needle and thimble, we strongly recommend using them to fully experience this great package.


We had been handling the Kofu (Japanese Vintage Swatches/Fabric) only in a pop-up shop and/or in a workshop opportunity as a trunk sale. This limitation was because of 2 reasons.

  1. All of the Kofu pieces are completely one of a kind. In order to have a healthy deal, I wanted to make sure that the customer can choose the one they would like to purchase.
  2. Since our main activity is Sashiko (not a vintage fabric dealer), we didn't have enough Kofu to provide online, especially in 2018 when I had many workshop opportunities.

The word "Boro" spread with unique interpretation. The demand for the Japanese vintage fabric increased. I received many questions about Kofu. To answer the questions & avoid them getting "not-good vintage fabric for Sashiko". I wrote an article about the "good Japanese vintage fabric for Boro project".

Since I planned to write this article (regardless of the condition), I started collecting the Kofu we would use in our own projects - regardless of the size or colors as long as they exceed our standards - to accomodate the need from our Sashiko friends who wouldn't be able to visit me to NYC and/or Keiko to Japan. We have gathered enough fabric to start providing them online here. We got them from trusted Japanese antique dealer. Some of the KOFU was just piece of dust. We hand-wash them carefully. Iron them to keep it as a good sized fabric for the patching Boro-inspired project.

This is a Kofu Package prepared by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya

Yes. The packages are ready. However, It is still challenging to obtain the fabric I described in the article. One package is quite small, and we do not have many in stock. Please understand that it is more like a "trial" package. When you have a specific project to work on with more of Japanese Vintage fabric, I am happy to work with the trusted antique dealers in Japan to obtain what you are looking for.

They are very valuable fabric. We (as human being) cannot recreate the same color because the time-flow made the color happen. Also, the level of dust and dirt was pretty bad that the normal Japanese would have throw them away. Sashi.Co spent a lot of time and effort to revive the Kofu as the usable & good condition fabric. Therefore, I sincerely want you to use the supreme Sashiko thread we enjoy with these previous vintage fabric, so I made a combine deal with the thread we have in stock.

[Product Description / Package contents]

*The Photos of this product is just Samples.You will receive something different.

*This is a Product Description for the Regular Package

  • Natural Dye Sashiko Thread - Color of Atsushi's choice from "one-of-a-kind" color. If you have a preference in color, like pink, blue or yellow, please mention it when you check out. When I do not have any preference, I will choose the color I think the most appropriate the fabric in the package.
  • Kofu Vintage fabrics: Mainly Cotton with following kinds, at least one each (total of more than3 swatches. The size varies. I respect your preference, so please let me know if you have any. However, please understand that the swatches are all one-of-a-kind, and size varies very much. (1) Indigo Plain fabric with possible fade and damages | (2) Shima Stripe Fabric | (3) Kasuri (Japanese Ikat) Fabric
  • Chalk Pencil - to mark the pattern without damaging the Kofu
  • Daruma Thin Sashiko Thread (White / 40 meter skein) - for severely damaged fabric, the thin thread may work better.

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