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Toward the end of 2019, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya prepared numbers of Mini Natural Dye Thread Bobbin - to introduce some of the "Non-numbered one of a kind" Sashiko thread for our regular customers in Japan.

I also purchased some of the Mini Natural Dye Sashiko thread bobbins, and here I am offering them as a part of this cute & very useful Sashiko thread bobbin. It is a package of 1 Natural Indigo Dye & 1 Persimmon Tannin Dye Sashiko thread - mini thread bobbin. 1 thread bobbin is about 3 gram - so mathematically speaking, 1 bobbin should have about 15 meters of Sashiko thread (Our regular Sashiko thread is about 145 meter).

I feel bad to ask for the shipping fee for the set of 2 "mini" thread bobbins. I hope you would enjoy the cute mini thread bobbins when you purchase other items - like needles, thimble, and other regular "Big" Sashiko thread from us.

[Product Detail]

1 set of 2 Mini Natural Dye Thread Bobbin as the first picture shows | Sashiko Thread designed for Sashiko stitching.

Materials: Cotton 100%

Weight: About 3g - About 15 meters per thread bobbin.

Colors: Indigo Dye and Persimmon Tannin Dye | Natural Dyes. Please read the article about how to handle the natural dyes & how is our Natural dye (Indigo Dye) are made.

*It is all hand-winded by Keiko & her family. All hand-dyed, hand-winded, and hand-prepared. Very cute & heartwarming collection. (I should probably prepare the "box" for next batch - however, this time, the box is NOT included).

*Please noted that the thread clipper will NOT be included in this order. I used the thread clipper as the reference to major the size of thread bobbins.

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