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[Announcement For Sashiko: Application & Practice Class]

【All of the Supply Package is Packed or Shipped to QuiltCon 2022. If you happen to be able to join the Workshop, Please knidly inform Atsushi via Contact Form. I will bring several back-up packages, and I will share the option there. I cannot control the availability of Workshops. Please contact QuiltCon Admin for the possibiliy, and please contact me after you confirm the registration. Thank you!】

Welcome back to Sashiko! Thank you for registering the Sashiko: Application & Practice Class in QuiltCon 2022. I am very much looking forward to seeing you there (or meeting you for the first time in person, finally!). Please read this page carefully to maximize your workshop experience.

Also, please check the QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshop Website below for any questions you may have.



This Sashiko Appication & Practice has a prerequisite of Sashiko Mastery Class in QuiltCon 2020 or Sashiko: Core & Essence Class in QuiltCon 2022 (It can be the same week). Alternatively, you are qualified if you have taken Atsushi's Full-Length Sashiko Workshop (more than 3 hours length, including the Online Class) with understanding the concept & idea of Unshin before. If you aren't sure, please contact me to check the qualification. If you are completely new to Sashiko, yet would like to join this class, please take the Online Sashiko Class before the QuiltCon 2022. It is extremely important to take the Core & Essence Class first. Without following the prerequisite, this workshop (Application & Practice) can be quite frustrating time. Please follow the prerequisite to mazimize your experience.

If you are taking the Sashiko: Core & Essence Class in Quiltcon 2022, please check this package.


*This is a special package for the "Sashiko: Application & Practice" Class in QuiltCon 2022. Please purchase this set only if you have a registration confirmation from the QuiltCon 2022 Administration. We have only right amount of sets for the QuiltCon 2022. If we end up learning that you purchase the kit without joining the QuiltCon, Upcycle Stitches will reserve a right to charge the full-price of the package. The actual shipment will be made after January 11st, to avoid the holiday shipping season. If you live outside of the U.S., please choose the option to get the package in Phoenix.

*If you are not 100% sure the participation, please make a purchase and choose an option to receive on site.


QuiltCon 2022 is coming very soon!

I am very excited, and honored, to be a part of the world-known quilting event, QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. All of the participant of my class, "Sashiko: Application & Practice", is required to purchase this supply set. The set includes all of the necessary & unique materials for the workshop.

Please choose how you would like to receive the package. Since I will have only 1 hour to prepare the workshop, I prefer you to receive the package before the workshop and bring them to the workshop with you. It will help me to feel easy in preparing the workshop on 2/19. With thanking you to reduce my anxiety, I will cover the shipping fee for the package (US Domestic Only).

Available Options on how to receive the package

  1. Ship to your home before QuiltCon 2022. *Atsushi will cover the shipping fee to avoid the hassle right before the workshop. If your shipping address is outside of the U.S., please choose the option (2). This option ended January 19th.
  2. Get a package right before the workshop you participate. Please bring a claim ticket to get a package on site. The claim ticket will be sent to your email address before the workshop.

I am happy to bring any orders you may want to purchase extra with me to QuiltCon 2022 to save shipping fee. If you choose option (1) to receive package at home, I am happy to combine the order. Please use this coupon (HEZIKEBZJZB0) to avoid the extra shipping fee.

*The package of the set is about letter size package (12" x 9" x 2"). It is not bulky -it is fabric and thread. Please check with your Airline if needles are okay to carry on to the plane.

*For those who would like to receive the supply set right before the workshop, I will make a shipment to Phoenix Conventional Center so you can pick up the package right before the workshop. You may use the coupon above to combine any orders to receive it on site.

[What is included in a set]

  • 1 skein of Sashiko Thread, 145 meter - color of choice from 15 colors (Choose Color on Google Form).
  • 2 skein of Yokota Sashiko Thread 40 meter - Color from 5 colors (Random, you may exchange them in QuiltCon).
  • 1 Fabric Set For Hitomezashi (specifically prepared for the workshop)
  • 1 Set for practicing the pattern preparation & mending
  • 1 Thread bobbin Paper
  • 1 small surprize Item
  • 1 Threader
  • 2 Finger Cots
  • PDF of Graph Paper (After the Workshop)

[Needles, Thimbles, and pencil you need to bring]

In addition to the Supply Set above, the participants are required to bring these items from the previous Sashiko Workshop (supply available for purchase, if they need them).

  • Sashiko Needle, 51.5mm (From the previous Sashiko Workshop)
  • A round shape thimble (From the previous Sashiko Workshop)
  • White Chalk Pencil (From the previous Sashiko Workshop)

*If you do not have the tools above, you may add the set to the cart in the Recommended Tool Page. In order to respect the Sashiko's Mindset, I do not include these tools to the package. If you are interested to learn the mindset, please read this blog article (preparing).

[Additional Supply I ask you to bring]

As I introduced, the "Application & Practice" class is more like an independent study workshop. Therefore, it is importnat for you to bring the items you want to work on yourself on top of the class contents. Please read this article to see what are the Additional suuply for this class.


(Copied from the Main Description)

please bring:

  • 1 or 2 Crayola Washable Marker (ideally fine top) with Dark Colors.
  • A ballpoint pen (cheap one is fine)
  • One Cotton Garment (such as denim or shirt) with mending (or stitching) needs. A large hole may be too much to complete within the workshop. A hole of about 2~3 inch diameter would be the ideal for patching. The Garment doesn’t have to have holes. I will explain how to apply Sashiko to mending/repairing. Stretchy fabric including stretch denim and T-shirt are not ideal. For the detail of what is best to bring, please check here → (The Article of “What is the best fabric for mending” will be ready soon.

Following is a list that is NOT required yet recommended to bring:

  1. Masking Tape / Scotch Tape / Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles.
  2. Thread Clippers (Some Airline may not allow to carry on the Airplane). Scissors will be available in QuiltCon.
  3. Other choice of garments for mending just in case the one you bring is not ideal for the mending in the workshop (I do not want to limit your suitcase space, so one garment is good enough).
  4. The fabric you would like to use for mending (A piece of fabric for mending will be provided, but you can use your favorite one).


Other recommended supplies

One of the requests I received in the previous Quiltcon was the information before the workshop about the Other Recommended Sashiko Tools & Supplies. I made a item page with a list of tools & supplies that I recommend (but we will NOT use in the workshop). I will mention about them in the workshop to maximize the Sashiko experience after the workshop. They are recommended to have if you plan to continue enjoying the Sashiko we practice. Also, please check our articles & videos for the supplies & Tools.

Articles & Videos for Recommended Supplies:

*This additional Tools are NOT required in the QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko: Application & Practice Class.

Note & Disclaimer

  • Please be advised, by purchasing this set, you agree to add your email address to the designated email list for the QuiltCon 2022 for you to receive the update from me. I will not use your email address for other purposes besides contacting you regarding QuiltCon 2022.
  • Once you receive a package, please make sure that you have received everything as listed. It is a participant's responsibility to bring all the materials and tools to the workshop if you choose to receive in advance.
  • Unless the materials are damaged, no return will be accepted.
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