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QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Core & Essence - Required Supply Package

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[Announcement For Sashiko Workshop: "Core & Essence"]

Thank you for registering the Sashiko Core & Essence Class in QuiltCon 2024. I am very much looking forward to meeting you & sharing our Sashiko. Please read this page carefully to maximize your workshop experience with getting this special package.


*This is a special package for the "Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence" in QuiltCon 2024. Please purchase this set only when you have a registration confirmation from the QuiltCon Administration. We prepare only sufficient sets for the QuiltCon. If we end up learning that you purchase the kit without joining the QuiltCon, Upcycle Stitches will reserve a right to charge the difference to the full-price of the package. The actual shipment will be made after January 23th 2024, to avoid the holiday shipping season. (The shipping process has started on Jan.3rd) If you live outside of the U.S., please choose the option to get the package in Raleigh.

*If you are not 100% sure the participation, please make a purchase and choose an option to receive it on site before the workshop so that I can pass it to the person who get the open seat.

*If you are traveling to QuiltCon internationally, please choose an option to receive it on site.

*For those who wish to learn Sashiko from me but unable to join the QuiltCon 2024, please consider the Online Sashiko Class, which I offer the same experience as In-Person Workshop.


QuiltCon 2024 and Sashiko

I am very excited, and honored, to be a part of the world-known quilting event, QuiltCon 2024 in Raleigh, NC. All of the participants of the class, "Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence", are required to purchase this supply set. The set includes all of the necessary & unique materials for the workshop.

Please choose how you would like to receive the package.

  1. Get a package right before the workshop you registered. Please bring a claim ticket I provide to get a package on site - As much as I would love to remember your name & face, an hour preparation time can be a quite hassle. I will know who you are by the end of the workshop. The claim ticket will be sent to your email address before the workshop. It would be very helpful to know which date you are participating. So, please choose the date, either (2)-Thu for Thursday 2/22 or (3)-Fri for Friday 2/23, to participate into the Sashiko: Core & Essence Class.
  2. Ship to your home before QuiltCon 2024. This Option is available until January 3rd, 2024 to avoid the delivery errors. If your shipping address is outside of the U.S., please choose the option (1). Actual Shipment will be made after the end of USPS Holiday Season (usually the middle of January)
  3. Although the Shippihg Process has began & I ask you to come to the workshop to pick up the packages, I can priotize your package if you really prefer to receive it in your home address before the Quiltcon with actual shipping fee. It is the exact same package & I will make sure you receive it there - so this option is only for those who do not mind covering the extra shipping &handling fee. Thank you.

I am happy to bring any other orders you may want to purchase extra with me to QuiltCon 2024 to save the future shipping fee. If you choose option (3) to receive package at home, I am happy to combine the order. Please use this coupon (HEZIKEBZJZB0) to avoid the extra shipping fee.

*The package of the set is about letter size package (11" x 8.5" x 2"). It is not bulky -it is fabric, thread, and needles. Please check with your Airline if needles are okay to carry on to the plane.

[What is included in a set]

  • 1 skein of White Sashiko thread, 145 meters
  • 1 Sashiko thimble
  • 3 Sashiko needles
  • Indigo Dye Fabrics, Cotton 100% Woven in Japan, with the pattern printed on for the workshop & another sample fabric for the practice purpose to make a tote bag.
  • 1 x Thread bobbin Paper
  • 1 x Chalk Pencil
  • 1 x Surprise item
  • 2 x Finger cot
  • 2 x threader

*All items are prepared & imported from Japan. A bit of different packaging from the photos, but the contents are the same.

[Additional Tools We Use in the Workshop]

We use fabric scissors and Scotch tape to teach how to keep the Sashiko thread in a good shape. We use them only once in the workshop, yet they are necessary. Any fabric scissors & tapes would be fine and there are enough scissors in the QuiltCon room.

  • Fabric Scissors (QuiltCon will have them there)
  • Scotch Tape (QuiltCon will have them there)
  • More Threaders (for those who need assistance in threading the needle - I will share some tricks as well).

Other recommended supplies

One of the requests I have received in the previous Quiltcon was the information about the Other Recommended Sashiko Tools & Supplies. I made a item page with a list of tools & supplies that I recommend (but we will NOT use in the workshop). I will mention about them in the workshop to maximize the Sashiko experience after the workshop. They are recommended to have if you plan to continue enjoying the Sashiko we practice. Also, please check our articles & videos for the supplies & Tools.

Articles & Videos for Recommended Supplies:

*This additional Tools are NOT required in the QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence.

Note & Disclaimer

  • Please be advised, by purchasing this set, you agree to add your email address to the designated email list for the QuiltCon 2024 for you to receive the update from me. I will not use your email address for other purposes besides contacting you regarding QuiltCon 2024.
  • Once you receive a package at your home address, please make sure that you have received everything as listed. It is a participant's responsibility to bring all the materials and tools to the workshop if you choose to receive in advance.
  • Unless the materials are damaged, no return will be accepted.
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