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Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Essence) by Upcycle Stitches - In person

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Due to Covid-19, we do not offer In-Person Workshop uptil the vaccination completion. The prepaid ticket is available to support the artisan during this time. Thank you very much for your understanding.

[Update for 2020]

In order to participate into the In-person Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic) with Atsushi, please consider the options below. Once the detail schedule comes up, I will share when and where on this website. If you would like to learn "now", please consider the Sashiko Online Class. After a trial year of 2019, I am confident that I can deliver the same experience as the In-person workshop & I will continue improving it.

Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core)

It is our pleasure to offer the workshop based on our experience. For us, Sashiko is more than making the even beautiful stitches on the fabric. It is more than that. With learning the specific posture and movement, you will learn the essence of Sashiko - Unshin. This is very intensive learning experience. It isn't like, "Let's have fun together". It will require students to go thorugh some challenges. However, I believe everyone can learn the Unshin.

Please expect 3~5 hours (most likely 4 hours) for the workshop length depends on the size of class & the skill of participants.

(1) In-person workshop in Lewisburg, PA -

(Pending due to Covid-19 until further notice)

Once I receive your order of option (1), I will contact you when would be a good time to offer the workshop in Lewisburg, PA. As of 2020, I prefer weekdays from 9am to 3pm. The workshop length is about 4 hours, and we can decide when would be a good time. After deciding the approximate date, I will advertise the workshop so we can have the "semi-private" workshop. If the participants are no more than 3~4, then the workshop will be rescheduled. I will do my best to advertise. By doing this, we have had 3 workshops in 2019. Please contact me if you would not mind to travel to Lewisburg, PA (Zip: 17837).

Someone is waiting for you to join!

I have received a request to offer the In-person workshop in Lewisburg, PA on Thursday or Friday, starting at 9 am. Please contact me, or simply purchase the ticket for the workshop in Lewisburg, if the schedule below would be a good match for you!

(Rescheduled due to Covid-19)

(2) In-person Workshop in Lewisburg, PA or nearby (About 180 miles radious)- Private

The second option is very similar to the (1) option. You would travel to Lewisburg, PA, and I will offer the workshop for you. The difference is that I will offer the workshop on the day you would like to. No worry for rescheduling by making it "Private". I am happy to advertise the workshop so you can get the lower fee based on the numbers of other participants. Please be advised that the fee will not be less than $330 even if there more than 3 sign-ups. If you prefer to have it as completely "Private" with paying the full price, it is perfectly fine with me as well.

*Due to the pandemic, I will not advertise the workshop in our house.

(3) Purchase a Workshop pre-paid ticket

The 3rd option for you is to purchase a Workshop Pre-Paid Ticket. This ticket is valid to a workshop offered & arranged by Upcycle Stitches LLC. Atsushi sometimes offer the similar Sashiko workshop curated by other organization. In 2019, Purl Soho & Loop of the Loom invited me and offered such a great workshop experience. Since I have no control over their ticketing, this ticket will not be valid for the workshop offered by the 3rd organization/individuals. If the workshop is offered in this webpage, then you can use the ticket.

When Upcycle Stitches decides to offer the workshop in NYC, I will contact to the ticket holder first before even advertising the workshop. The ticket holder will have the priority access to the seat - if the schedule matches for you. The ticket will not expire and transferable, but not refundable. It is my goal to offer the workshop at least once or twice in NYC... I hope I can do that.

(4) Invite Atsushi to your group/house to offer the workshop

It is quite easy, but costly. You can simply have Atsushi to your group for the Sashiko Workshop. The pricing is based on the assumption of 4~5 participants and about 4~5 hours workshop. If your group have more people & prefer longer workshops, please contact me for the better estimate after reading the article about the private workshop. The more people in the group, the less costly it will become. Also, please understand that the travel & accommodation fee are not included in the price.

  • I will drive to your place. The fee will be calcurated based on the IRS Millage rate. Please cover any other necessary fees to travel there, such as tall fees and parking.
  • Please find a place (venue) to workshop for me. It can be anyone's house or shared space. I will contact you for the detail. The price does not include the fee for the venue.
  • Please cover the accommodation (hotel or a room) , if I need to travel more than 150 miles, to avoid an unfortunate accident of being late.
  • The pricing of this package is based on the agreement that I will be able to offer a trunk sale without any commission to the organizer. If you would like to collect fee, please let me know so I will adjust the workshop fee.

If you live relatively near Central PA and have 4~5 in your group, please go ahead and complete the purchase. Otherwise, please contact me after reading the article about the Private Workshop.

(5) Sashiko Online Class

As I had mentioned, it is a good online class to learn the Sashiko we practice.


We proudly offer our well-reviewed workshop for Sashiko Stitching!

You can learn all about Sashiko basics including how to make beautiful stitches, how to hold a long needle and the unique thimble (Unshin - moving needle), and how to make your stitching more efficient and enjoyable. No previous Sashiko experience is needed. All the materials and supply are included in the workshop fee, so just bring your interest and passion.

Enjoy this opportunity to learn Sashiko from Sashiko Artist from Japan. The instructor was born in a Sashiko family, and you will learn Sashiko from his traditions. (Atsushi lives in PA currently).

This is a great opportunity to learn authentic Sashiko. You will have an eye-opening experience in 3 hours of the workshop. Although the workshop has the plus alpha time reserved, the actual workshop contents will be done in 3 hours. Please try to be there on-time, an then for 3 hours.

[Note about availability]

  • If you are unable to find a good schedule for you, please email Atsushi to inform your name and email address so we can send you other workshop opportunities where Atsushi teaches the same Sashiko Workshop (offered by another organization).

Available Date and Time

2019: Tribeca Schedule - Completed. Thank you!

The actual location (the address) will be notified to the participants via e-mail shortly after the registration. It is a few blocks away from Chambers St. Station (AC) in TriBeCa.

Sashiko Workshop Availability

[November 2019]

Please choose the date from below.These are the exactly same workshop.

  • November 9th, Saturday, 10:00 am to around 1:15 pm for 3 hours | SOLD OUT. THANK YOU!!


  • November 9th, Saturday, 1:45 pm to around 5:00 pm for 3 hours | SOLD OUT. THANK YOU!!


  • November 10th, Sunday, 1:45 pm to around 5:00 pm for 3 hours | SOLD OUT. THANK YOU!!

*Please contact me if you would like to purchase more than 3 seats, or you would like to be on the waiting list for the "sold out" workshop.

☆= 1 seat left

★= 2 seats left

◎= Still available

【Other notes】

*The minimum number of participants: 3 participants - if the numbers of participants do not meet the minimum, the workshop may be cancelled in advance.

*You can schedule a private workshop with Atsushi. Please read this article and contact me with the details, such as your preferred date and time. I would ask you to cover the necessary travel expenses in addition to the workshop price.

Location: Tribeca Neighborhood in NYC near Chambers St Subway AC station | The exact address will be notified to the participants.

2019: Lewisburg (PA) Schedule

[October 2019]

Please choose the date from below.These are the exactly same workshop.

  • October 24th, Thursday, 9:30 am to around 1 pm for 3 hours + α | Sold Out. Thank you!

【Other notes】

*The maximum number of participants: 4 participants

Location: Lewisburg, PA. Zip Code: 17837

What you can expect in Sashiko Workshop

In this Sashiko Stitching workshop, you will learn how to use the unique round shape thimble and a long Sashiko needle by actually stitching the traditional Asano-ha (Hemp) pattern. The instructor, Atsushi, will demonstrate, explain, and teach you how to enjoy Sashiko stitching by actually showing and standing right next to you.

It is a basic Sashiko workshop, yet eye-opening for you to enjoy the Sashiko stitching more. The technique you will learn can be used in other projects such as Boro making project and mending with Sashiko fabric project.

The workshop comes with:

- Sashiko needles

- Sashiko thimble

- A Skein of white sashiko thread (approx. 145 meters)

- Sashiko Thread Bobbin Paper

- Indigo fabric with Asano-ha patterns printed on

- Interfacing and Cotton Poplin fabric for tailoring the project at home

- PDF data of extra Japanese Traditional Sashiko Patterns

- Access to Atsushi by e-mail with questions regarding the workshop and follow-up

No requirement of previous stitching or embroidery experience to take this class. All tools are provided. You are welcome to bring your own sewing tools, but not necessary. This kit has large enough fabric and material to make a tote bag, placemats, or several coasters after completing the Sashiko stitching.

Advertising Video & more

Refund Policy:

Attendees can receive adjustment up to 45 days before your event start date. The ticket is transferable to someone for the purchase date and time, but not transferable to the other date and time after the refunds policy term ends.

Additional sashiko tools, including hand-dyed sashiko threads, fabric from Japan (including vintage) needles and thimbles are available for purchase before & after the workshop.

Enjoy Sashiko stitching, learn the traditional way of Japanese hand stitching, and get you rewarded by creating the actual artwork by finishing the project.

[Notes for the Private Workshop]

Please contact us before making any plans. Since Atsushi's schedule is very full for the weekend, we may not be able to offer a private workshop in the Pennsylvania location. If you would like to have me at your place regardless of the price, please cover the necessary travel expense from PA (Zip code: 17837)

We occasionally set the workshop availability in the Central Pennsylvania.

Workshop Refunds & Transfers Policy

All deposits and balances for classes, workshops and artist demonstrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, we understand that emergencies happen, so if you are unable to attend a workshop that you have paid-in-full, and you cancel with more than Forty Five (45) days notice before a scheduled workshop, you may request to credit or transfer the all of the total workshop fees to another class or workshop within 12 months of request. If you cancel within Forty Five (45) days of a scheduled workshop, you will forfeit your entire tuition unless notified.

In the unfortunate events that Upcycle Stitches LLC must cancel the Workshop, classes, and event due to unforeseen circumstances, Upcycle Stitches LLC will refund the cost of registration for the workshop, class, and events. However, Upcycle Stitches LLC does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging.

It isn't our intention, and we try everything to avoid this, but please be advised that following: Upcycle Stitches LLC reserves the right to cancel any class, limit class size, change class times or substitute instructors for those listed in the schedule. If a class is canceled, students may choose to receive a full refund or may transfer – with no fee – to another class or workshop. If Upcycle Stitches LLC cancels for any reason, all payments can be refunded.

Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance, which can protect you by refunding monies paid if you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency. Travel insurance is very affordable and can protect you in other ways as well. Course Changes or Cancellations

Participation Waiver

Registrant acknowledges that registration and participation are voluntary and that by registering for this workshop/class that he/she is solely responsible for any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained on the premises or any location where any workshop/class is being conducted.

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