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White Chalk Marking Pen / Tool

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When we draw a pattern on Indigo Dye fabric (or similar dark color fabric), we use a white chalk pen. We have received many inquires about what kind of tools we use, here is a list of marking tools we use, and some of them are available sale depends on where you live.

Item Selection:

* If you are ordering to the non-USA address, please choose the "Chalk Pencil - (Only in Non-USA Address)". A choice of item with mis-matching-item will end up with a longer time to make a shipment.

* Please choose one item from the selection, and click the check box before you add to the card.

* White may not be ideal for Lighter Fabric such as inside of Denim.

  1. Chalk Pencil - (Only in Non-USA Address)
  2. Clover Chalk Pencil 3 piece set (Only in the USA) - Sold Out
  3. General's While Charcoal Pencil (Only in the USA) : $2.95
  4. Triangle Marking Chalk: $4.95 (White / Blue) - SOLD OUT
  5. A set of White Charcoal Pencil AND Triangle Marking Chalk - SOLD OUT. (Both White Charcoal Pencil AND "Blue"Triangle Marking Chalk)

(Update on March. 2021)

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