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1 Paper Bobbins for Sashiko Thread Itomaki

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Thread Matters in Sashiko. A good & appropriate Sashiko thread will improve the stitching significantly. Since Sashiko threads are very valuable, I want you to learn how to keep Sashiko thread in a good shape to complete in using them.

One recommended item for that is a Bobbin Paper to wind up a whole 145 meter Sashiko Thread skeins or some small thread like 30~40 meter Sashiko Thread. Please check the Youtube videos at the end of this product page for "How to make Sashiko Threae Bobbin".

Our Original ITOMAKI Bobbin Paper is now Available

In order to keep Sashiko Thread in a good shape, making a thread bobbin is a great solution.

【Update in August 2021】

Until Summer 2021, we carried 2 kinds of good quality bobbin paper in 2 thickness. Unfortunately, the manufacture discontinued the item toward the end of 2020, and we couldn't find the replacement for the bobbin papers (like photos with saying Sold Out).

Instead, since Bobbin paper is one important item for us, we decided to invest some into making our original Bobbin Paper, and Our Original ITOMAKI Bobbin Paper is Available.

It is now Thicker and bigger than the previous commercialized Bobbin Paper. You may want to wind the thread in 2 direction (as photos show) so that the negative affect to the thread twist will be minimum. We are very happy to introduce this item. We are offering it with the special price to cerebrate the release. It is much better bobbin paper in comparison to the previous one. The pricing is for ONE Itomaki Paper.

【Update in 2020】

Starting 2020 December, we added the thicker version of Bobbin Paper. Please choose your preference in thickness. My recommendation is the "Regular one" to have good thickness. Thank you. ALL Sold Out, and unfortunately discontinued. Thank you.

Here is a link to Youtube video, "How to keep the Sashiko Thread in a good shape".

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