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A set of Sashiko Needles (51.5mm) and Round thimble

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Starting Sashiko? Here is what you need.

Ever since I started introducing Sashiko, I occasionally receive inquires regarding the needles and thimbles for the best Sashiko practice. "What is the best Sashiko needles and/or thimbles?"

We did a good amount of research about what is the best needles and thimble for Sashiko. We have been using these needles and thimbles since we found.

【Contents of the Regular Set】

  • - Sashiko Thimble x 1 (15mm x 15mm x 15mm)
  • - Sashiko Needles x 3 (51.5 mm Length with best flexibility and durability)

*All made in Japan

*Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya uses these tools for daily Sashiko performance.

*Due to the limited stock in the U.S., the item packaging may be a bit different from the photo. However, the contents, 3 Sashiko needles and 1 Sashiko thimble are the exactly the same. (Jan.24th 2023)

【Update on August, 20201】

Due to novel Covid-19 pandemic, we are experiencing a very limited inventory. Please be advised that we may offer the set with different packaging. The needles & the thimble are the same. Just different packaging in comparison to the photos.

If you prefer just needles or a thimble, please choose it from set option in drop-down. Regular Set contains 3 Sashi.Co needles and 1 Sashiko Thimble.

About Thimble:

A round shaped Sashiko thimble is a must-have item for the Sashiko stitching. When you make more than 10 stitching at once, or when you repair the denim with layers, this thimble is only the solution to make the best result.

We have an article explaining how to use the thimble appropriately.

The ring can be adjusted (widen or tighten). We believe that everyone can wear the thimble and enjoy Sashiko stitching with it.

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