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Asanoha & Indigo Dye Cotton Fabric

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We have several fabric best usage for Sashiko stitching. This is one of these - and with Asano-ha pattern dyed out already. It can be an interesting idea to add other pattern, or simply stitch on the pattern to enjoy the richness of fabric.

The fabric is very similar to the Indigo Dye Cotton Fabric we deal.

[Product Detail]

Material: Cotton 100%, Indigo Dye (Not Hon/Sei Ai zome)

Pattern: Asano-ha (Discharge)

Made in Japan (Imported)

The fabric is pre-cut for sale with 2 sizing: 22" x 15" and 44" x 15"

If you would like to purchase the bigger piece (the width is 44", and how many length you would like), please contact me first.

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