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Asanoha Sashiko Stitched Fabric 081505 | Summer Sale Deal!

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Another Sashiko stitched swatch we end up with not using, with Asanoha Pattern in the center. Hand Sashiko stitched on the brown fabric. I think it is a vintage fabric, but it is pretty difficult to define either just old or vintage. The edges are interestingly fixed, so you may use this single layer of fabric as a placemat for a small table.

The Asanoha Sashiko Stitched Fabric (081505) can be a great material to use for visible mending or just as is.

One of a kind product. First come, first served.

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  • Size: 16" x 13"
  • Brown Cotton Fabric
  • Hand Stitched with Asano-ha Pattern
  • No knots. Some Kasane.

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