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A sheet of carbon paper is necessary to prepare the pattern on the fabric before Sashiko stitching. One side is coated with a colored chalk and you can transfer the pattern by using a ballpoint pen or a dressmaker’s tracing wheel.


Starting Feb.2020, we started carrying another brand Carbon Paper (Cosmo). In our experience, the quality is even higher than previous brand, and we enjoy the results. Please read the direction at the end of this page (It is the translation of Japanese instruction on the package).

Cosmo Carbon Paper:

3 sheets of about 35 cm x 26cm. It is more costly per sheet, but the result is more satisfactory in my experience.

Clover Carbon Paper:

5 sheets of 30cm x 25cm Chakopee papers are in one package. (The size of one sheet is about 12-inch x 10-inch). There is a great color variation.

How to use the Chalk Paper

  1. Place the fabric (usually backside facing up).
  2. Place the shinning side of Carbon Paper facing to the back of the fabric.
  3. Layer the Mylar Paper (Cello Paper)
  4. Put the pattern paper (any paper is fine).

Please check the online tutorial for the whole process.
*Please visit our video on Youtube and find the vidoe "how to transfer Sashiko pattern on the fabric by using Chakopee paper by Sashi.Co" or find our channel of "Sashi.Co"

We carry 1 color of Cosmo and 5 colors from Clover.
Pick the color which matches to your project.


  • White - very few in stock
  • Blue - very few in stock


  • - White - SOLD OUT
  • - Blue - SOLD OUT
  • - Yellow
  • - Pink - SOLD OUT
  • - Gray
  • - 5 Colors - SOLD OUT

+++++ Notes on using the carbon paper +++++
Please read it before you use it (Disclaimer).
  • - Please try to use a small piece of fabric (which you plan to use) and the corner of this paper to test if the pattern washed off as you wish. Please wait until the pattern gets dried thoroughly, and test it.
  • - When you erase the pattern, please avoid using the Oil-based solvent such as Benzine.
  • - If you iron the fabric before erasing the pattern, the pattern may stay stronger and get more difficult to be washed away. Please be careful with that. (For Cosmo, please do not iron until you wash away the pattern completely).
  • - If the pattern does not get washed away by just water washing, please try to wash with neutral detergent by hand. You may use a small brush (like a tooth brush) to scrub it off. Please avoid dry clearning.
  • - You may experience the difficulty of transferring the pattern onto the thick and bouncy fabric such as felt. (The thick and bouncy fabric isn't ideal for Sashiko.)
  • - After usage, please keep the paper in the bag, and avoid the high-temperature &high-humid condition and direct sunlight. Please reach out from children's reach.
  • Too much pressure may penetrate the ink to the deeper fabric and make it difficult to wash it away. Please try & practice with small piece. (When you use Mylar paper, you may not need to worry about the pressure since Mylar paper is quite thick).
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