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Daruma Sashiko thread | Regular Size Skein

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This is a page for 1 skein of Daruma Sashiko Thread Regular Size Skein. Please choose the thickness & color based on the description below. Thank you.


We have been using a very specific Sashiko thread throughout out entire Sashiko project. Although we try to make them available in our web store, it is reasonable to wonder what can be the alternatives to those large skein Sashiko thread. In 2019, we have spend quite a lot of time in experimenting the other kind of Sashiko threads - the Daruma Sashiko thread manufactured by a long-established thread company in Japan.

After more than a year of stitching in several projects, I believe, they will perform as we expect in the most of Sashiko project. Several techniques I share in the Online Sashiko Class & Youtube Tutorials will work on the Yokota Sashiko Thread as well (Mainly the thick one). The thin Sashiko thread is rather too thin to enjoy the techniques. However, it is a good alternative to work on some fragile fabric such as vintage Kofu Fabric and some Hitomezashi Sashiko project.

Please learn that Thread Does Matter in Sashiko. I occasionally find a discussion that any thread is good for Sashiko. The answer is "No". A stitcher, of course, can use any kinds of thread for Sashiko thread. However, in order to have the enjoyable stitching process & great results through a long time, the appropriate thread is necessary. I believe, from my experience, the Daruma Sashiko Thread by Yokota can be a great alternative of our Sashiko thread.

Product Information

  • Cotton 100%
  • Manufacture in Japan
  • Thickness: Thin (Recommended for small Hitomezashi) or Thick (Recommended for Sashiko)
  • Color of Choice: Bright White or Original Ercu White
  • Thin: 170 meter length / Thick 100 meter length

*Please choose thickness & color from the Check Box.

About the weight/thickness of Daruma Sashiko Thread by Yokota.


The thickness is a bit less than 1.0 mm like 0.9mm or so. You may feel it is almost 0.8 mm. Please refer to the photo on the article below. (Cotton 100%, unit: 20/6 )


This is the thinest Sashiko thread we carry. I would say it is about 0.75 mm or even 0.7 mm. The thickness changed depends on the tension. The thread on all the photo (article below) have no tension. (Cotton 100%, unit: 20/4 )

Color. 2 - Original White - Thick-Futo, 100 meter is re-stocked (Very limited, but available).

*Please be advised that, if you order "Color.2 - Original white - thick, 100 meter" before the restocking complete, the whole order may be delayed by 2 weeks. Please contact Atsushi if you have any questions & request.

*Since the manufacture, Yokota, is a large company, the bulk discount is available. We try our best to keep them in stock. However, based on the numbers of the order, it may take a long time to make a deliver. Once we receive the order, we will update the estimate day for the delivery. (The individual order will be delivered within a few days in domestic shipping).

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