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Fabric for Sashiko Practice (Advanced & For Projects)

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The first offer from Upcycle Stitches after receiving many requests to create the "Fabric for Sashiko Stitching."

This is a swatch of Indigo Dye Fabric (which we enjoy the most for the Sashiko Stitching) with the fine Asanoha-pattern printed by silk screen technique with washable (erasable) ink. It is "Ready to stitch" fabric, and after the Asano-ha stitching, you can just wash the pattern off. I personally still feel it is very important to learn how to transfer and draw pattern by oneself, it is also important to come up with the items to answer the market needs.

A Large Asano-ha pattern is fairly easy to draw. So this is the small one so you can practice to make small & fine stitches. If you are a graduate of Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic), this is a great material to refresh your memory. If you are a new to Sashiko stitching, we strongly recommend using our Sashiko needle and our thread for this Sashiko stitching.

For that, we prepare the set deal.

[Product Information]

Material: Indigo Dye Cotton Fabric with Asano-ha pattern printed with washable ink.

Fabric Size: About 15" x 11"

  • Asanoha's size: about 1.5" interval
  • Shippou Size: About 1.5" Diameter

*The item itself doesn't include the Natural Dye thread on the product photo.

【Important Note】

  • I would NOT recommend this fabric for the beginner or first time Sashiko stitcher. The pattern is very small, and it requires some "Rhythm" to fully enjoy the pattern.
  • The printed pattern is washable away by water. It means, the pattern can be weaken (or erased) by the moisture from the hands. Please use an chalk pencil so you can reinforce the pattern when it happens.
  • This Asano-ha pattern is probably the smallest pattern we stitch in Sashiko. Please try to get the Asano-ha dye out fabric if you would like to practice Asano-ha pattern.

[Set Deal]

Set A: Fabric + Needles and thimble Set + Mono Color thread White (Either #10 or #12)

A set of Needles and thimble:

Mono Color Sashiko Thread (Choose the color and let me know in the comment)

Lastly, to enjoy this fabric more, please consider taking our Online Sashiko Class

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