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Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop (Application & Practice)

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Prerequisite: Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic/Core)

Hitomezashi | Significant Design of Sashiko

[Update October 6th]

Thank you for your attention. The workshop is full now. If you are interested in taking the Hitomezashi workshop, please contact Atsushi so I can add you to the 2 list, (1) Waiting list for this November Hitomezashi Workshop and (2) Mailing List for the Hitomezashi Workshop. The contact from you with mentinoing your interest would be very much helpful to figure out when and how many I should open the Hitomezashi Workshop again. Thank you very much for your interest.

I am happy to announce that we decided to continue offering the "Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop" in 2019.

In this workshop, the participant will learn how to make the popular Sashiko stitches so-called "Hitomezashi." This intermediate level Sashiko workshop will make you ready to create "one-of-a-kind" pattern with beautiful Japanese vintage fabric by yourself! (As you may have seen in the first Sashiko Stitching workshop Core & Basic).

In order to keep the workshop price reasonable, we use a non-vintage fabric to practice Hitomezashi in the workshop. However, the workshop will provide you enough information & technique to work on your project with the Japanese vintage fabric after the workshop, if you would like to try.

*Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya use the Hitomezashi Stitching to create one of their signature Sashiko Jacket. If you are not familiar to the word of Hitomezashi, this is the hitomezashi with Japanese vintage fabric.

Available Date and Time

2019: Schedule

November 10th, Sunday, 10:00 am ~ 1:00 pm for 3 hours | SOLD OUT. Thank you. Please contact Atsushi to be on the waiting list.

Location: Tribeca Neighborhood in NYC | The exact address will be notified to the participants.

What you can expect in Hitomezashi Workshop

In this Hitomezashi Sashiko workshop, you will learn how to stitch the Hitomezashi Sashiko efficiently and beautifully. Although the basic posture of stitching is the same from the standard Sashiko workshop (Core & Basic), Hitomezashi requires some unique technique & tricks to enjoy the beautiful result. Also, you will learn how to draw/create your own Hitomezashi patterns by practicing how the pattern are made.

Same as the Sashiko stitching workshop, Atsushi will be available for you to demonstrate, adjust your hands, and advise all the time. This workshop will require you to stitch a LOT.

In order to take this workshop, the percipients must have taken Atsushi's Sashiko Stitching Worksho (Basic/Core) or more than 3 hours length Sashiko Stitching Workshop offered by Atsushi (by different organizers). I require this prerequisite to be fair to every participants in Hitomezashi Workshop. I need all students to know how to use the Sashiko needles and thimble appropriately in advance of the workshop so I do not have to teach it from the beginning in the workshop.

You do not have to be "a master" of our Sashiko technique (needle movement). We will go through the basic again, and you can review the technique as much as you need. However, I would like everyone on the same page when we start the workshop.

*If you do not clear the prerequisite, you may take Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic/Core) in the same weekend of this workshop (on 11/9) to take this Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop.

*Possible Exception: If you are confident in using a dish-shaped Sashiko thimble and long needle (51.5mm), please contact Atsushi via e-mail. I would ask you to film how you would make Sashiko stitches. You may be qualified to the Hitomezashi workshop if you use the thimble and needles as we do. This is for those of you who took my "introductory Workshop", which is less than 3 hours length. You may know good amount of information and you may be able to fulfill the requirement. If this is the first time to learn Sashiko from Atsushi or Keiko, then please consider taking the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic) first.

*A sample by a student of Hitomezashi Stitching you will do in the workshop. Great first-time work from one of the participants.

The workshop comes with:

- The Hitomezashi Pattern (Kakino-ha/Persimmon Leaf) Printed Fabric

- Indigo Fabric for practicing

- A skein of Sashiko Thread

- Sheets of grid papers (& a PDF)

- Cotton Fabric that resembles Japanese Vintage Fabric

- A starter package of Japanese Vintage Fabric & Printed Fabric

*Please bring Sashiko Needles and thimble you received from the Sashiko Stitching Workshop. Although a set of needles and thimble is available for sale, I would rather not to encourage you to keep buying more. If you have lost it, no worry. A set will be available with a discounted price.

Again, the prerequisite for this workshop is "Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic/Core)" or an instructor's permission. All tools (besides your Sashiko needles and thimble) are provided.

You are welcome to bring your own fabric you think for your next project. This workshop requires the participants to stitch a LOT. So, asking questions to Atsushi for your next projects can be a good break.

Refund Policy:

Attendees can receive refunds up to 30 days before your event start date. The ticket is transferable to someone for the purchase date and time, but not transferable to the other date and time after the refunds policy ends.

Additional sashiko tools, including hand-dyed sashiko threads, needles and skeins are available for purchase during & after the workshop.

More ideas. More Fun.

After learning Hitomezashi & Simple Running Stitch, you know most of the Sashiko techniques we use to make our Sashiko arts. The rest is your ideas and continuous Sashiko stitching. The more ideas you come up, the more interesting it becomes.

Please consider to join our beautiful Hitomezashi Workshop to be another great Sashiko artist.

The photo is a sample of our Sashiko bag made with Hitomezashi & Japanese Vintage Fabric. Patch-working with Hitomezashi & Japanese vintage fabric is one of our signature work.

After these 2 workshop from Atsushi, you can make both Jacket below. It is the matter of practice and keeping your passion! You may find enjoyable to read the article about the difference between Sashiko Running Stitch & Hitomezashi.

Enjoy Sashiko!!

Workshop Refunds & Transfers Policy

All deposits and balances for classes, workshops and artist demonstrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, we understand that emergencies happen, so if you are unable to attend a workshop that you have paid-in-full, and you cancel with more than thirty (30) days notice before a scheduled workshop, you may request to credit or transfer the all of the total workshop fees to another class or workshop within 12 months of request. If you cancel within Thirty (30) days of a scheduled workshop, you will forfeit your entire tuition unless notified.

In the unfortunate events that Upcycle Stitches LLC must cancel the Workshop, classes, and event due to unforeseen circumstances, Upcycle Stitches LLC will refund the cost of registration for the workshop, class, and events. However, Upcycle Stitches LLC does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging.

It isn't our intention, and we try everything to avoid this, but please be advised that following: Upcycle Stitches LLC reserves the right to cancel any class, limit class size, change class times or substitute instructors for those listed in the schedule. If a class is canceled, students may choose to receive a full refund or may transfer – with no fee – to another class or workshop. If Upcycle Stitches LLC cancels for any reason, all payments can be refunded.

Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance, which can protect you by refunding monies paid if you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency. Travel insurance is very affordable and can protect you in other ways as well. Course Changes or Cancellations

Participation Waiver

Registrant acknowledges that registration and participation are voluntary and that by registering for this workshop/class that he/she is solely responsible for any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained on the premises or any location where any workshop/class is being conducted.

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