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Kakishibu Dye Sashiko Thread | 2022 Collection

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Kakishibu (Japanese Persimmon Tannin) Dye requires deep experience and detailed techniques to prepare the appropriate materials and stabilize the color. First of all, the Kakishibu liquid smells bad, I mean, really bad. We fortunately found a great Kakishibu Dye professionals, and thanks to their help, we continuously produce beautiful earthly colors.

*Kakishibu is a form of liquid (or sometime powdered) made from un-ripe persimmon. Get the juice from green un-ripe persimmon and ferment the juice.

For the Available Kakishibu, please check this Batch!

[Color Availability for the batch in 2022]

  • K-1 (05-22) - Persimmon Gold / Ocher : *Difference is subtle, but a bit "brighter" than the previous batches
  • K-2B (05-22) - Persimmon Dark Brown (Burned Brown) *It looks like Black on the photo, but it is closwer to Dark Brown: Sold Out.
  • K-3 (05-22) - Persimmon Gray Variegated (Less Variegated than K-5, but not solid neither).
  • K-5 (05-22) - Persimmon Gold/Ocher/Brown Variegated (I received a feedback saying the darkest part of this variegation is less darker than the photo shows. For darker variation, please check 2020 Collection).
  • K-6 (05-22) - Persimmon Brown/Gray slight variegated (more Solid, but a bit of "uneven").
  • K-7 (05-22) - Persimmon Earthly Color (Dark Brown, Light Brown, Gray, and a bit of white) Sprinkled

*Stock is limited. We will not be able to restock the same color (We need to wait for the next batch, which will be available in 2023).

*It is challenging to replicate the exact same color on the screen. Please refer to my hand color for the comparison. I will keep adding photos.

*The pricing is for 1 skein of the thread (one choice offer the all color package with some discount).

*I received a review mentioning about the color of K2B. It is NOT the black we imagine. It is more like dark brown with black taste.

[Important Note]

Please Read Before Purchase

*The layer of Kakishibu Persimmon Tannin will make Sashiko thread stiff. The darker the color is, the more stiff it gets. For example, the Dark Brown Color (K2B) is the most stiff one in this collection. If you would like to soften the thread, you may soak the thread to the luke water with a bit of fabric softner. Since we wanted to keep thread as less chemical as possible, we kept it as is. Even the thread is stiff, the experience of stitching won't be so different.

*Since Kakishibu Dye is a type of dye "addig the layer" to the thread, some of the dark color (here the Dark Brown Color K2B) may leave Black/Brown color on the fabric when you take the threads out after stitching on the light (white) fabric.

*Since the outcome of Kakishibu Dye greatly varies from the sunlight, it is very difficult to have the exact same color. We keep eye on the inventory, but there is a possibility of being in short. In those cases, we may ask you to agree to receive the most similar color to your order. Since every threads are dyed by hands with natural dyes, the colors may be a bit different from the photos depends on the screen you are looking at. The difference in variegated colors may be more significant because of the "variegated" character. If you have the specific colors you would like to have in your mind, please contact Atsushi first. We appreciate your understanding.

Product Information

  • Manufacture in Japan
  • Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%, Natural Kakishibu (Product of Gifu, Japan)
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 28 g

*Please read the article of How to handle Natural Dye Thread and Fabric.

*This page is for Persimmon Kakishibu Dye Sashiko Thread. If you are interested in Previous Kakihibu Dye Sashiko Thread (Collection of 2020), please visit This Page.

*This Threads are Specifically Designed for Sashiko purpose as other threads in this store.

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