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Keiko Design. Pattern Fabric (19) // Sashiko Practice Set Available

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[This is a kit package to enjoy Sashiko stitching. The photo is the sample after the stitching completed]

After having many discussion with Keiko Futatsuya, the Sashiko artisan in Japan, we decided to offer one Sashiko Practice Kit with Keiko's design in 2019. The Sashiko we practice requires an unique needle, dish-shaped round thimble, and appropriate thread. In order to jump into the traditional Sashiko, this is a great introductory kit.

This Package includes:

  • Main Indigo Fabric with Keiko's Design 2019 (Pattern pre-printed) // Fabric Size about 15" x 11", the pattern size: about 10.5" x 7.5"
  • Kasuri inspired (printed) fabric for the back fabric (for lining to cover the wrong side of the main fabric).
  • 1 skein of Sashiko thread | White Color
  • 3 of Sashiko needles
  • 1 of Sashiko thimble
  • 1 Chalk Pencil (to reinforce the pattern just in case)

*The thread will be #10 Original White as a default selection. If you prefer the other color of thread, you may choose from 15 solid colors from the photo at the end of this product page.

The kit does not include the written instruction. Please read the article, "why we do not include the instruction" below. However, a Youtube video of Atsushi stitching the exact same pattern & fabric is available on Sashi.Co Youtube Channel.

Why our practice kit doesn't have the "instruction"?

Read full article about this topic:

Unlike the other "mass-produced" Sashiko kits, our kit package doesn't include a piece of paper with the instruction/direction of how to do Sashiko stitching. It is because each project requires a different instruction and unique strategy. I believe that providing a certain rule and regulation will be an obstacle of the purpose of "enjoyable" Sashiko.

I thought of 5 strategies to enjoy this practice kit when Keiko gave me the sample. Each strategy isn't about being right or wrong. It is simply my preference based on my feeling. You can get the general information & how to find your own strategy before enjoying Sashiko stitching in one of our Sashiko workshop (in-person and/or online class). Please consider taking them after (or even before) enjoying this practice kit.

Besides the instruction of how to proceed this practice kit, the other basic Sashiko technique can be found on our Youtube. Because of the limited capacity in support, we answers to the technical questions for those who took the workshop before. If you spend a good amount of time in watching the Youtube Videos & our website, you should be able to get the basic.

Color Selection of the thread in the Kit.

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