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Natural Dye Sashiko Thread | Fall-Deer collection

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I believe it is very important for us to support a rising artisan. Regardless of what kind of crafting, its culture can be passed down when the passionate artisans meets the supporters (patrons/customers) who can appreciate the value of their crafting.

Although we (Atsushi & Sashi.Co) are still one of those rising artisans, we also spend as much time & money as possible to support the other rising artisans. It is our pleasure to curate some of our Sashiko artisans such as Nana Sashiko & Natsuki Denim. Here, I am very happy to introduce a rising dyeing artisan, Fall-Deer.

She is passionate in dyeing with Natural ingredient. She has been enjoying dyeing as her hobby, and in 2019, Atsushi asked her if she would dye the Sashiko thread with Atsushi's specific preference - Sakura - Cherry blossom (branches).

It is her first collection of Sakura Dye Sashiko Thread.

Some of the colors are not even as the commercial (chemical) dye. In comparison to what Keiko from Sashi.Co does, the results are not stable enough to offer the continuous numbering. It could be really one of a kind. We don't know if we can recreate the same color.

However, the thread itself is the same best quality one. Atsushi had tested the thread, and it can keep the color after several washes.

The unstable color reulst is a necessary process a dyer has to go through. It is Natural Dye after all. The best colors for the Sashiko/Boro project in which the fabric needs to age together with the thread.

She is improving significantly. When I get enough funds from the sales of this collection, I will ask her to start challenging to the 2nd collection. I hope this "supportive" cycles keep on going.

[Product Detail]

  • The same Sashiko thread we offer. Best for Sashiko Stitching.
  • Cotton 100 %
  • About 28 gram / About 145 meter length per skein
  • Dye: Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Tree branch, Soy Milk, Dyeing Agent, Avocado Seeds. Please find the detail of what is used on Fall-Deer website. (

[Choice of Skeins]

3 Skeins Set - We will choose 3 skeins at random. You may request your preference. (Total price is about 10% OFF)

5 Skeins Set- We will choose 3 skeins at random. You may request your preference. (Total price is about 20% OFF)

[Choice of Color]

For more details and understanding the usage of dyeing agent, please check the article on our website. Pricing is per 1 skein.

FD_1: Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.1

FD_2: Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.2

FD_3: Sakura Vol.1

FD_4: Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.3

FD_5: Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.4

FD_6: Sakura Vol.2

FD_7: Sakura + Soy-milk Vol.5

FD_8: Avocado (Color available one each) // Sold Out

*The same Sashiko thread as Upcycle Stitches proudly offers. Please understand that the threads are all different, although we numbered with the similar color & same batch.
*The color will not be washed away by washing when it is washed in a reasonable condition (hand-wash with Neutral detergent). Please avoid bleach or any similar chemical. They are natural dye (some contain the dyeing agent to stabilize the color).
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