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Keiko in Sashi.Co enjoy dyeing the thread with Natural dyes. They are all hand-dyed with many natural dyes such as Logwood, Madder, Mountain Peach, and more. At the same time, however, it is(was) quite difficult to keep producing the same color thread with a large quantity (to achieve lower pricing).

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futasuya tried to dye specifically to imitate the color of Natural Dye by using synthetic dyes. These two colors of Beige and Moss Green are the best results we could get in 2015. After 2020, since we can now reproduce the similar color with Natural Dye, T-1 & T-2 will be discontinued once they are sold out. We also add the T-0 (Cream White / Ecru / Good to try to Dye) Thread for our Original Color Collection.

They are reasonably priced in comparison to the Natural Dye Sashiko Thread, yet it has a "look" of natural dye. It is dyed with artificial dyes, yet it is not as barking as the other strong colors. They will add great softness to you Sashiko project, as the Natural Dye Sashiko Thread would do alike.

【Color Selection】

  • #T0 - Cream Ecru White / Close to Original White / a bit more cream color
  • #T1 - Beige / Very similar to #004 Tangala beige
  • #T2 - Moss Green / A bit similar to Kakishibu Dark Grey

*#T0 is specially made from the original cotton and processed to be the best Sashiko thread (the same Sashiko thread). Therefore, the cotton may contain some impurities.

【Product Detail】

  • Manufacture in Japan / Machine Dyed in Japan / Synthetic Dye
  • Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 28 g

*This page is for Original Color Sashiko Thread (Synthetic Dye)

*This sashiko thread is also exclusively designed for Sashiko purpose. Six of thin embroidery threads are twisted with special technique. It will give you the great result.

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