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Sashiko Fabric | Special Sale Deal | 70-905

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Since 2017, we provide the "swatch" of our Sashiko Stitched Fabric. All hand stitched. It is not cleanly tailored, not framed, and merely a piece of fabric. However, it can be used as a swatch to mend your denim, patchwork to your project, and even framing it to be the art.

As a part of "Let's spread the culture of Sashiko" project, we start providing our hand-stitched Sashiko Fabric with the special discount. Again, everything is hand-stitched. You can tell how many hours it takes to make it happen. It is a great deal.

To get the discounted price, please share the picture of fabric once you receive it on Instagram or Facebook with tagging our account.

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Sashiko Swatch | #70-905

Vintage Indigo Fabric | Cotton

About 13" x 14" (about 33 cm x 35 cm)

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