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One of the Best Sashiko Needles in the market.

Getting ready to start Sashiko stitching with the supreme quality tool is very important process to enjoy Sashiko and its result. We want you to get rewarded to the time you invested in hand Sashiko stitching.

There are only a few things we need to get ready. A needle, a thimble, thread and fabric.

Meanwhile we have been using the different Sashiko needle, we introduce a supreme quality Sashiko needle, which is specifically designed and manufactured for the Sashiko purpose by Tulip Needle company in Hiroshima, Japan.

Why do we introduce the other needle? It is because Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya provided the advice as the Sashiko artists, and Tulip company accomplished the development based on the advice we provided.

[Please be noted]

The product title, "Big Eye Straight" is named by the Tulip Needle Company. The needle eye is not bigger than the Sashiko needles we originally offer. Please check this article for more information about the size of Sashiko Needle Eye.

4 needles in a beautiful Clear-Plastic container.

[Update Feb.7th 2020]

We have received a report of broken head of the needle in stitching heavy fabric such as Canvas or thick denim. When a stitcher try to pull the needle out from the heavy fabric, the needle "may" be broken. I have claimed this to the Tulip Company, and it is rare case. However, please consider getting our Sashiko Needle if you are planning to stitch on the heavy fabric.

【Following Update】

I have had a chance to discuss over the issues to the representitive of the manufacture. In order to make the body "straight", and easy for Sashiko stitching, the needles is not well designed for the non-traditional Sashiko stitching (which include Denim & Canvas). If you plan to stitch on Denim & Canvas, please get our Sashiko Needle. Since Denim, Canvas, and other thick fabrics are not in a category of "Traditional Sashiko", Sashiko needles have possibility of breaking down. However, I have not had any reports on the Our Sashiko Needle.

Thin Size: 0.84mm x 51.5mm

When using the Sashiko thread in single usage, this "Big Eye Straight Thin Size" is the best choice. When you want to make double size stitching, have the thick size needles (coming soon.)

Thick Size: 0.91mm x 51.5mm

When using the Sashiko thread in double and more, this "Big Eye Straight Thick Size" is the best choice. When you want to make single stitching, have the thick size needles.

Kogin: 1.14 mm × 65.0 mm

When practicing Kogin Sashiko, you would need a needle with dull top. This needle is NOT ideal for the Sashiko we introduce on our website.

About Tulip Needle Company

The tradition of needle-making in Hiroshima stretches back for more than 300 years. Tulip brand is based in this Hiroshima region and produces sewing needles, crochet hooks and knitting needles for handicrafts.

*Because of Inventory in short, you may receive the package with Japanese language. The needles are the exactly same. Please refer the translation on the website for warning and product's profile.

Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant/ Runs smoothly through fabric.

This product should be used for sewing purpose only. Please keep out of reach of small children.

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*Thin | 103e | Sashiko - with minor some package damage. The needle is new & in perfect conditoin - SOLD OUT

*Thin | 103e | Sashiko - with some package damage or no packaging. The needle is new & in perfect conditoin - SOLD OUT.

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