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Sashiko Starter Package 2021

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【Update in 2021】

This is an updated version of "Sashiko Starter Package". The previous package (Sashiko Starter Set 2018) was discontinued when I decdied to offer the Online Sashiko Class. After receiving a request to offer the Sashiko Starter Package, I decided to offer it again.

This is a simple package to start enjoying Sashiko with all of the items you would need, including the materials to learn how to transfer the pattern on the fabric. (Please be advised that the pattern is NOT pre-printed. You would need to do it by yourself. The tutorials are available on our Youtube).

This package is a good deal for anyone who would like to "try" Sashiko.

However, the content of the package is almost identical to the supply package for our Workshop/Class. Please consider taking the Sashiko Class (Online or In-person) if you are willing to spend some time in Sashiko stitching.

In the class, you will learn the essence of Sashiko stitching we have been practicing & sharing. For more information about Online Class, Please read the article about the Online Sashiko Class here.


(The key of our class is that I can offer the personal help. You may "watch & learn" by our Youtube Videos as well. In that case, this package may be beneficial).


We prepared a package of Sashiko materials, supplies and tools for people who would like to try Sashiko from scratch. What you need to prepare is a ballpoint pen or a tracing wheel.

Please start transferring your favorite pattern to the Indigo Dye Cotton Fabric. Then, enjoy Sashiko stitching with our specific needles, thimble and Sashiko thread. You may use the another sheet of cotton fabric as backing up the main fabric, or simply use it for another Sashiko project. All the materials to finish it as "Tablemat" is included.

The set include;

  • 1 x Indigo Dyed Fabric | Cotton 100% About 28" x 11"
  • 1 x Cotton Poplin Fabric (for back fabric usgae) / About 28" x 11"
  • 1 x Fusible Interface / About 28" x 11" - to finish the fabric as an item.
  • 1 x Mylar Paper (for transferring the pattern) About 11" x 8"
  • 1 x Carbon Paper (for transferring the pattern) About 5.5" x 10" (Yellow or White - tutorials will be available on Youtube).
  • Safety Pins (for transferring the pattern)
  • Sashiko Patterns Paper | 4 of traditional patterns
  • Sashiko Thread | 145 meter | Cotton 100% | White
  • 1 x thin Sashiko Thread (Yokota) White, small skein.
  • 3 Sashiko needles and 1 Sashiko thimble
  • Itomaki Bobbin Paper (For keeping Sashiko thread in a good shape) - *may be upgraded to the latest version.
  • Chalk Pencil

*Most of the items above are available in this website as a single item so that you can purchase when you need more.

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