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Sashiko Thread | Prepared to be Dyed

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Another request from our Sashiko Lovers became available. I appreciate all of your interests in the Sashiko we would like to pass down.

【Update Feb.10th, 2021】

The inventory is very small, but expecting to restock toward the end of February. Your order may be fulfilled with bigger preparation time. For the exact estimate, please contact Atsushi first. Thank you.

Our Mono-Color Sashiko Thread has specific design to make Sashiko stitching more beautiful including the unique twist and a coating. Although #10 Original White & #12 Bleached White "can" be dyed with artificial & natural dye materials, the result may not be as ideal as the dyer would like to achieve. The Mono Color Sashiko thread above requires a certain process to prepare for the Sashiko Thread Dyeing.

The process to prepare the thread for dyeing can be a troublesome process.

So... Here we go.

We now offer the White Sashiko Thread prepared to be dyed with natural or synthetic dye with your hands with the same unique twist. This thread doesn't require the preparation to be dyed. This is the exact thread we use for our Natural Dye & the thread other dyers use to dye our thread.

*For the dye method we use, there is no need to prepare the thread for dyeing. It is already prepared. However, the process of dye is very much like Chemistry, and everyone has slightly different approach/methods. Please be advised that we cannot "promise" the perfect result you have in your mind. However, this thread is much easier to dye in comparison to the other regular thread we offer. Thank you for your understanding.

[Product Information]

  • Manufacture in Japan
  • Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 27 g
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