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A question about the thread is one of the most frequesnt question.

"What kind of threads should we use for Sashiko?"

The answer is "It can be any kind of thread." but using the specific thread designed for Sashiko purpose will result in much better stitches. Our sashiko thread is exclusively designed for Sashiko purpose. Four of thin embroidery threads are twisted in a special design. It will give you the great result. If you are wondering why your stitches do not look like others, the thread may be a quick remedy for your troubles.

Sashiko requires a lot of time to invest. We would like to have the best result for the time we invest. Please enjoy one of the best quality Sashiko threads in the market.

We, as "Sashi.Co", use this great Sashiko thread to produce our Sashiko art pieces. The price may seem a bit expensive for a skein of thread. However, please be advised that this is 145 meter skein. It is a lot longer than the other Sashiko threads available around $3.00~$4.00, which is 40 meter skein (Plus I strongly prefer this specific thread to work on). One skein should be good for several Sashiko projects. We believe the price is reasonable in comparison of length, to other Sashiko threads from different manufactures.
  • Manufacture in Japan
  • Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 26 g

*This page is for Solid Color Sashiko Thread

*Specifically Manufactured and Dyed by Long-Established Thread Company in Japan (Previously Coron).
*Specifically Designed for Sashiko purpose.

*Orders with Bulk Discount may take longer than usual to fulfill. If it requires more than 2 weeks or so, I will contact to the email provided.

Video about the difference of Sashiko thread and others

Color Selection:

  • #10 - Original White (Ecru White)
  • #12 - Bright White (Bleached White)
  • #15 - Indigo Blue
  • #16 - Blue
  • #18 - Light Blue
  • #26 - Yellow
  • #27 - Light Yellow
  • #30 - Green
  • #33 - Light Green
  • #38 - Dark Brown
  • #40 - Orange
  • #41 - Red
  • #44 - Red Brown (Wine Red)
  • #48 - Pink
  • #55 - Gold/Ocher

*All 15 Color Selection is available as one set with special discount.

*Starting 2021, January, the color difference between #26 and #55 are not as significant as the comparison photo above. Please be advised that they are different colors - just not as significant difference as the photo shows. The comparison photos will be ready once we restock the threads. The color difference in 2nd photo (The photo with all the thread diagnally lined up) is the closest color for this batch.

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