Sashiko Story Vol.1 | Video Log

I started sharing a series of the story to explain what Sashiko is. There is very limited amount of information available from Japan. I realize that I can contribute to the Sashiko culture by explaining and sharing my experience and passion. This is Atsushi’s Sashiko Story Vol.1.


Sashiko Story Vol.1 | Upcycle Stitches

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Our goal is to share as much information as possible. Sashiko is not only the technique of hand-stitching but also the form of the beautiful culture that the Japanese developed. We believe it is important to share the stories of the Native Japanese, not translation or interpretation of the Japanese who practiced Sashiko in the past. If you have any requests for us to share the story, please let us know by “Contact Us“.





Series of Sashiko Stories

  • What is Sashiko & What is NOT Sashiko
  • Japanese Boro? What is the difference between Boro and Sashiko?


Sashiko Video Log Story Vol 1 | What is Sashiko


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