Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJMN

A customer ordered the jacket based on their preference. Named after their name & Keiko’s intention. Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJMN.

  • Price estimate to make the similar Jacket: $4,880.00
  • Estimate Lead time: 12 to 15 month. 
  • Request for the type of vintage fabric & Sashiko patterns are available.

Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJMN 1
Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJMN 2
Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJMN 3
Sashiko Jacket 2018 SJMN | Back

The other Sashiko Jacket Collection

It takes a long time to make one Jacket. Each pieces have story and it is our pleasure to pass it down to someone who enjoy Sashiko & its beauty. 

You may find the other Jacket we create by our Sashiko Jacket Category.

Produced by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya / Upcycle Stitches LLC

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