How to Transfer Sashiko Pattern on the Fabric

Sashiko is a form of simple stitching. In order to have the beautiful Sashiko stitching result, it is very important to learn how to Transfer Sashiko Pattern on the Fabric. It is one of th most frequent questions I receive, and here is a re-summary of my previous writing and Youtube Videos.



Blog Article of How to Transfer Sashiko Patterns

How to transfer Sashiko Patterns on to the fabric


How to Transfer Sashiko Pattern

The market makes it very easy to enjoy Sashiko by providing the Pattern pre-printed fabric. I prefer to have just a simple line instead of stitches size pre-printed just because I do not want someone to decide the size of the stitches. Upcycle Stitches LLC wrote a series of a blog post regarding the topic of how to transfer Sashiko pattern.


One of the articles is this one.

Sashiko Pattern Preprinted or Transfer Pattern Yourself


We also have a lineup for the Pattern related items available for sale, including a convenient kit to start practicing how to do so.




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