Shippou Sashiko Pattern | Seven Treasures

Shippou Sashiko Pattern is one of the most popular Sashiko patterns. These geometric and continuous curves create the infinite impression. The Japanese probably felt the wealth in the continuous circles and saw the enlightenment on it. The name of Shippou (=七宝) means “Seven Treasures”.


Although the Shippou Sashiko Pattern looks complicated, the process of drawing is relatively easy. You need a tool to draw circles. Here is a list of tools you would need.

  • Circle-Plates (Circle Template): * I strongly recommend to have this set of templates. Once you have it, you can draw 7 sizes of Shippou Sashiko Patterns unlimitedly.


  • A pair of compasses



How to draw Shippou Sashiko Pattern


Step.1 | One Circle

Set the size of the circle.

Place the circle in the center of your paper, and mark 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

Shippou Sashiko Pattern Step.1


Step. 2 |  Shift obliquely

Based on the mark, shift and draw the circles.

Shippou Sashiko Pattern Step.2


Step.3 | Repeat as you need


Shippou Sashiko Pattern Step.3


How to stitch Shippou Sashiko Pattern

The basic rule of Sashiko stitching is to minimize the work as much as possible. We focus on finding the most efficient way of stitching, which often end up with the one-stroke line. This basic rule applies to the Shippou Sashiko Pattern as well.


Instead of stitching one circle by one circle, find the continuous line such as Sign-Cosign Wave or S-shape wave.

In the curve, you may want to make the smaller stitches in comparison to the straight stitching. Focus on keeping the size of the stitches, and the result will look good without sticking the worries of making the stitches neat and tidy.


Tutorial Video of Shippou Sashiko Pattern

You may find the videos available on Sashi.Co Youtube Channel.





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